Engraved Acrylic Neon Sign (Words are Engraved)

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Size: 50cm
Color of Neon Strip: white
If you are looking for a more affordable Sign option for your wedding/event/home decor, this is the perfect option for you. This is an Engraved Neon sign, that offers semi-light to your sign. The wording of your choice will be engraved on the neon sign and there will be a neon strip added to around the outer lining of the acrylic board, allowing semi-light to shine onto the Engraved words causing it to have semi-brightness. Please keep in mind with this sign, the words will not be in "Neon" they will simply have a light effect by the neon strip on the outer layer. If you are looking for a FULL neon sign you will need to purchase a Custom Neon sign.

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