How soon will I receive a custom Mockup if I send in my logo/design?

We have a 48 Hour turn around for our custom mockups for more complex designs. Our design team works with several customers per day and will work swiftly to send your custom mockup design to you to review.

Can I cancel my order after I've made a purchase on the website? - You can.

We offer immediate order cancellations up to a limit of 24 hours after purchasing - so if you change your mind within that time - send us a message and we'll cancel and refund you in full as soon as we get your request. Please keep in mind it is the customers responsibility to ensure the wording entered on the sign is correct prior to checking out. We will attempt to reach out to customers if we have any concerns, but will place sign into production if no response from customer. 

How long does it take for a sign to be made?

Signs go into production 24 hours after your payment has been processed. We will try to carefully work with each customer on complex designs prior to production. Once sign is in production it can take up to 2 weeks or longer to complete depending on how many orders we are currently working on. We try to have most signs completed within 10-12 days, but there is no guarantee we can have it completed in that time frame. 

How do I return or exchange an item? 

All our pieces are made by hand to order, meaning each one is as unique as you!

We can only accept returns/refunds on faulty items, and can not accept returns due to change of mind unfortunately or if the sign has been altered by the customer in any way, as all pieces are made to order. All sales are final once placed on site. If your sign is missing any items (adapter, dimmer, etc) please let us know within 24 hours of receiving package and we will send you this item the next business day.

In the very unlikely case of your piece arriving broken to where it is unable to work/turn on or faulty, you have 2 days from the day of tracked delivery to let us know via email at lumiwalls@gmail.com and we will troubleshoot the issue and if unable to resolve we will deliver a replacement free of charge.

We offer a 12 month guarantee on all pieces, so if your piece breaks due to a mechanical or technical issue or stops working due to a mechanical or technical issue during this period just let us know and we will work on a solution to resolve the problem. If the sign has been hardwired into the main electrical outlet, we will not be able to properly diagnose the issue and could potentially void the warranty out if we are unable to determine the issue. 

What types of Payment do you accept? - All Standard Payments.

We accept all Payments by Paypal, Apple Pay, Shop Pay (Installments), Visa, Mastercard, and American Express

What are your shipping rules and options?

Once your sign ships, you will receive a tracking number. We offer a range of shipping options to all countries globally, with different prices to reflect different shipping speeds.

Shipping time guidelines are as follow:

FREE Standard Shipping with Fedex Priority for single orders, fully tracked service

All bulk orders, shipping will be calculated based on the size of the order.

*shipping times may vary based on delivery service in which we are unable to control delays* Some shipping times are still delayed due to COVID-19, please take that into consideration once item is shipped. 

What if the item I ordered arrives broken or damaged?

In the very unlikely case of your piece arriving completely broken or faulty, you have 2 days from the day of tracked delivery to let us know via email at lumiwalls@gmail.com and we will deliver a replacement free of charge if the sign has not been tampered with by the customer. The sign has to be broken where the sign no longer turns on or functions properly in order for it to be covered under this policy. If you have a question or concern about your order, please feel free to contact us at lumiwalls@gmail.com, please allow 48 hours for someone to get back to you.

What if the item I ordered is lost with the shipping courier or never received?

In the very unlikely case of your piece never arriving you would need to contact FEDEX/DHL/UPS  to have them open a case to research your item. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items once they leave our warehouse. 

Where do you ship from?

Primarily we ship out from fulfillment centers in the United States, Eastern Asia and Western Europe. If the item you've purchased is out of inventory in your nearest location, we'll send it directly from our production lines at the same delivery times as stated in our shipping section.

Our products are efficiently packaged by our expert handling team to ensure they arrive in perfect condition regardless how far they go.

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